We are Muchas Gracias.

We are based in Poland - worldwide film artists, top notch crews, great diversity of locations and 30% tax incentives!

We are people who don’t sleep when you sleep, we are the pros who plan when you don’t have time to and the ones who work their asses off to give you the best line production services here in Poland. We are supported by best precision drivers and stuntmen in the region. We have the best people, the hardest gear and the coldest vodka.

Zdjęcie Poland

Poland: the country

Very centre of Europe.

Poland offers traditional architecture similar to that in Paris, Vienna, Prague or Budapest. We have scenic landscapes, seaside, snowy mountains like Alpes, industrial areas. Warsaw is the capital – with its modern downtown and appealing old town. Cracow – the most beautiful market square in Europe. All in one day driving distance.

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Zdjęcie Poland

Poland: the industry

English speaking crews, quick permits, modern equipment, 30% tax incentives.

Poland hosted great feature films like “The Pianist”, “The Schindler’s list”, “Bridge of Spies” or “The Chronicles of Narnia”. It is home to widely recognised directors – Polanski, Wajda, Kieslowski and directors of photography – Idziak (“Black Hawk Down”), Sekula (“Pulp Fiction”), Kaminski (“Saving Private Ryan”).

Large film projects

We have shot our productions extensively throughout Poland.

We carried out significant projects with multiple locations, thousands of extras and permissions arranged on short notice. We know how to shoot and run preproduction for next days at the same time.

We collaborated with stuntmen that worked on Mission Impossible, Black Hawk Down, Troy, Van Helsing to mention just a few. We have experience in providing to the set and coordinating vintage trains, aircrafts and car convoys.

Zdjęcie Poland

Indian blockbusters

Muchas Gracias was a line producer of the Polish sequences for the feature films „Mersal“ and „24“ absolute blockbusters of the Tamil cinema!

These demanding projects were shot in many scenic locations and cities throughout the country thanks to efficient cooperation with local film commissions.


production facility and head office

We are based in Cracow, second Polish biggest city that has been acclaimed the most attractive tourist destination in the world in 2017. In Cracow we provide production and postproduction services.

As a member of Cracow Technology Park we have available:

  • 2 color correction suites
  • cinema room
  • 5 independent film editing suites
  • green-screen studio
  • 24 graphic design computers set in an open space
  • rendering farm
  • production facilities and conference rooms to up to 30 people
  • film, light and sound equipment.

Zdjęcie Poland
Zdjęcie Poland


branch in the capital

We also run an office in Warsaw, the capital of Poland to provide line production services in the most developed and interesting city in Poland. Warsaw is home to top notch professionals from the Polish film industry. The city boasts of modern downtown and appealing old town.


Mobile/WhatsApp: +48-502-979-226                                                                                                                                                                                              hello@muchasgracias.com.pl  

Cracow facilities:

Office: B. Prazmowskiego 33/6, Cracow Postprodcution & studio: Podole 60, Cracow

Warsaw office:

Zebra Tower, Mokotowska 1, Warsaw